Naoto Shirogane (caseofthetruth) wrote in squarewart_logs,
Naoto Shirogane

WHO: Naoto Shirogane and Open
LOCATION: Around Hogwarts
WEEK: 71
TIME: During dancing event
WHAT: Naoto is helping someone find their robot.

[Naoto had looked in certain places she would of thought a magical robot would end up around here, she had agreed to look for it and she was certain she would do this, since she would have someone to then help her with the research into the goings on that have happened here many a time before. She was curious to know just how often it happens and just what causes it from time to time, just to see if their was a single pattern in it at all, if so she would note it and bring it up if not, then it's just always a random thing.

She turned the corner making her way to another area of the school for the time being, hoping soon that it would be found and she can move on to the next thing, paying attention around her for if she spotted someone that might have seen it and make her job a lot easier.]
Tags: !open, naoto shirogane
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