Serah Farron (truststhesky) wrote in squarewart_logs,
Serah Farron

there is a world where hope and dreams // can last for all time

WHO: Serah, Vanille, Fang, Snow
LOCATION: The cottage of gay love. Also known as, Vanille and Fang's house.
WEEK: 69
TIME: Evening!
WHAT: Pretty princess tea party, interrupted by trolls! And then the pretty princesses will be rescued by their dashing princes. Totally not backdated.
RATING: PG-13? They are pretty princesses.

Serah had actually enjoyed picking out her costume for tonight. Vanille's suggestion that they dress up like princesses had been quite a good one; and Serah had eventually decided upon a Sleeping Beauty outfit for the occasion. She adjusted the crown she was wearing idly, as she made her way down to Vanille and Fang's cottage. Halloween had always been a fun time at Hogwarts, and this year promised to be no different so far. She'd never had a tea party at Halloween before, but nonetheless, there was a first time for everything.

She reached the cottage and stopped to adjust her costume again, before reaching up to knock at the door. Tap tap tap. Serah was actually kind of excited to see Vanille's costume; the other girl seemed like the type to go all out with something like this.
Tags: fang yun, serah farron, snow villiers, vanille dia
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