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You can dance//You can jive//having the time of your life

WHO: Castiel and Revan; Closed
LOCATION: A hallway
WEEK: 71
TIME: Tuesday, the afternoon of the event!
WHAT: Castiel has been affected by the spell and is about to do something he will definitely regret. If only because he really can't dance. Sorry, Revan.

Castiel was dismayed to find that he was affected by the Tarantellegra charm. It might not have been so bad, but he was cursed with what someone had once referred to as "two left feet." He was still a bit confused with the phrase. It would be entirely absurd for a person to be born with two left feet. It defied genetics.

He was humming a tune he didn't recognize as he went down the hall, his gait both rhythmic and abrupt. He had the fortune to mostly be stuck doing ballroom type movement. They didn't require too much skill, he was discovering.

There was an odd tingle in his arms. It was as if he wanted to grab the nearest person and dance. It didn't make much sense, but things rarely did when they dealt with magic. He ignored the urge the best he could. However, even he was not immune to the effects of the charm. Before he knew it, he was headed in the direction of Professor Mirabil. His right hand extended in invitation without him realizing it.
Tags: james 'castiel' novak, revan mirabil
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