Jack Vessalius (herowatchmaker) wrote in squarewart_logs,
Jack Vessalius

Twist it! shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it baby!

WHO: Jack Vessalius, Open
WEEK: 71
TIME: Tuesday, After classes. During the spontaneous dancing event.
WHAT: Jack thinking nothing is wrong today while he gets on with work until he bumps into someone.
RATING: PG. I don't think dancing the Jive will be anything more.

Jack had been marking papers for the past couple of hours, he had noticed that people seemed to be dancing at random occasions and didn't really understand why they were. He himself was fine and hadn't taken one step out of line that he noticed anyway, so though for once he hadn't been effected by whatever it was this time, which he was relieved about for once in his time here he hadn't been effected.

Carrying some papers through the hallway he walked quietly, glancing at people as he did and seeing some dancing, with no music and just in some very odd areas which at a couple of points made him smile, there were some good dances and some just odd, but if they liked that sort of thing that was okay with him. He moved to the side just avoiding someone who seemed to be doing the cha cha slide as he nearly fell over and dropped he's papers in the process.

He thought now was a good time to stop for a moment while he got his papers in order, this time not paying attention to anyone or anything.
Tags: !open, dean venture, jack vessalius
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