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Mulan Fa

When you're feelin' sad and low~

WHO: Mulan [notabride] & Rikku [greeneyedmecha]; Closed.
LOCATION: Somewhere in the dungeons.
WEEK: Seventy-one
TIME: Thursday; Afternoon
WHAT: The girls have decided to have potion tiems! There will be explosions. And they will be awesome.
RATING: G/PG, for awesome exploding things of a combustible nature.

Mulan set about arranging various containers from her well stocked potions kit in an orderly fashion on the table. They all came in different shapes and sizes, filled with different ingredients of different types - liquid, solid, crumbly, powder, big, small, ect. - and colours, and all were under the best of stasis, anti-breakable and anti-jostling charms, for freshness and care, ready to be used at any time.

With a soft sigh, she sat down at the table and awaited her friend's arrival. She had hoped that doing something enjoyable with one friend would help ease some of the pain that came with loosing another, albeit Demyx was more than just Rikku's friend. Mulan had really thought the two would have a great, lasting relationship, as they seemed well matched and well connected. Sometimes, she knew this to be true from experience, things just didn't work out as you hoped they did. At least the two hadn't of ended on a sour note. Sure, it must of been hard to say good-bye, but there were good things too, good memories. The friendship the two had formed, at the very least, would probably last forever. That was a bet she wouldn't go against.

Shaking herself out of her musings and putting on a smile, Mulan conjured up a pot of tea and set about some heating charms while she continued to wait. The potion supplies were all set - she'd drag out one of her extra, highly durable, cauldrons when Rikku arrived - and all that was needed now was Rikku herself. She had said she found some new potion she wanted to try and Mulan couldn't contain her curiosity.

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