Dita Liebely (iluvaliens) wrote in squarewart_logs,
Dita Liebely

A perfect day

WHO: Dita! Open!
LOCATION: The Kitchen
WEEK: 71
TIME: Wednesday, after classes
WHAT: Dita has been dying to cook and finally elbowed her way into the kitchen. She probably sent out a journal if anyone wants to come cook, or just stop by and enjoy some food!

Dita was used to always being able to cook. Her mother had instilled in her a great passion for cooking and baking. She loved to share food with other people. It made her happy. It had been difficult not cooking for her first few weeks here, but she had finally had enough. It was time to prepare a great homecooked meal.

She had sent out a message through her journal that people were more than welcome to come cook with her. If they weren't good at cooking, they could always just eat up. She was going to be making more than enough food. Maybe she would even bring some to that boy that was sick. Good food was always to help with that! She would have to make some soup.

She hummed to herself as she gathered some ingredients, making sure to avoid the kitchen moogles. She really liked their food, but she missed being able to prepare it herself. She had to ask where a few different things were, but she was pretty sure she had everything now. She made sure her apron was tied tightly before she rolled up her sleeves. All right! Time to cook.

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