Alyss Heart (misplacedqueen) wrote in squarewart_logs,
Alyss Heart

And you neglected I called you out, don't please // I said we're stronger than this now

WHO: Alyss & Kyp
LOCATION: Kyp's office
WEEK: 71
TIME: Sometime in the afternoon
WHAT: Alyss has the balls to confront Kyp. Expect punching and yelling... and who knows.

It had been two weeks since the incident with the trolls--and Alyss was still quite positive that she would never eat pie again because of that--and the awkward that was clearly evident between her and Kyp. At least, she believed it to be awkward, since she never could quite figure out what he thought. Or felt. The young woman rubbed her temples gently, hesitating in the hall briefly as she thought this over. Really, there was no need for him to act this way.

In the same respect, the way she had been acting lately was not exactly the most becoming either. Alyss was acting childish, and the fact was, so was he. It was time for this to end. For them to act like mature adults over this... Well, whatever this situation was, or what had caused it. And she would ignore her feelings, because they were inconsequential.

Bolstering herself, she continued on to his office, knowing that if she didn't do this now, she would continue to hesitate on it, and she had a feeling that he wasn't going to come talk this out with her. She knocked on the door, squaring her shoulders and tilting her chin up.
Tags: !complete, alyss heart, kyp durron
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