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mary mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

who: zak and lilith.
location: um...a random empty classroom.
week: seventy-one.
time: late afternoon, after classes.
what: some pseudo-sibling bonding. honest. cross my heart.
rating: gonna err to the side of pg-13. this is lilith we're talking about.

It seemed that the boy, Saturday, had taken a liking to her. She'd been genuinely surprised when he requested her assistance with self-defense. This was...unusual, although not entirely unwelcome. Lilith was not accustomed to individuals wanting her company, nor asking for it -- it was often that she deigned to pay attention to the people she had an interest in, and thus they were drawn to her.

Still, the boy would be amusing. Had been amusing, during Ultimecia's invasion. Perhaps he would be a useful pawn, at some point. Or a distraction, if nothing else. Easier to decipher than others -- children were often easy to read. He did not hold the same fascination for her as Ambrosia did, did not garner the same desire to unravel, to discover. To build. But there were puzzles, and then there were tools. This boy was the latter.

She would not break him, no. There was no need for that, not now. But molding him...that might be a worthwhile challenge. At the least, he recognized her strength. And so she waited in the room for him to arrive, idly flipping through a potions book and watching the way the dust danced in the shafts of light from the windows.
Tags: oc - lilith dupond, zak saturday
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