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Class Log


How this will work, is that professors who wish to hold an OOC log post a thread for each year of their classes, labelled with the year and class. Then, students reply and we carry out one of our OOC logs. For examples of how our OOC logs are carried out, please go here.

If you find that events are carried out in the log that you would like to log in a prose log format, please feel free! You can post logs just for specific events, rather than trying to get through an entire class log.

We will be posting one of these logs every week change. PLEASE NOTE that professors are required to post an OOC log ONCE A MONTH for Activity Check. They can post in more than one if they like, but at least one is required. This is our second class log for November. Our next class log will be posted November 29th.

Also, posting in our OOC logs can now be counted towards one half of your Activity Check for a character if you post with them five or more times.

If you have any questions, please email us at squarewarts@gmail.com!
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