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Jayne Cobb

Don't feed me to the fire~

WHO: Jayne and Kairi. Closed.
LOCATION: The Astronomy Tower
WEEK: Week 69 (Backlog)
TIME: Wednesday; Midnight
WHAT: Kairi has been acting out because all of her friends left her. She's been left with Jayne. This will end well.
RATING: PG (13?)

In his experience, Hogwarts was rather boring. Sure there were always stupid things that happened, but they were more of an annoyance than anything exciting. He'd been biding his time around hoping for some shenanigans to spring up. And finally, they had.

For whatever reason, Kairi had decided she wanted to be out and about. Jayne was more than willing to help her in that department. They'd been sneaking out off and on to explore around Hogwarts. He took her to wherever she wanted to go to, as well as a few places that they probably shouldn't have gone. It was a blast.

He had a special plan for tonight. He'd heard about the Astronomy tower and thought it was a great venture for them to partake in. He'd sent a note off to Kairi asking her if she wanted to join him. After some convincing, he'd persuaded her to join him. he placed his hat on his head to ward off any night time chill and was waiting patiently outside of the Gryffindor Common Room.

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