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WHO: Axel and Joy (and Cherry)
LOCATION: Hospital
WEEK: 70
TIME: during the week?
WHAT: Axel comes to talk to Joy about how he is getting blamed for everything Cherry does wrong and, well, from the back, Axel looks a hell lot like the guy Joy is currently screwing around with.
RATING:M-ish for probably the greatest first introduction ever.

Sometimes it were these days when there were no patients at all that made Joy relax. Right now, she was just plain bored out of her mind. No new potions to make, no one to fix and there was no way she would even spare a second glance at the pile of paperwork that was growing high on her desk. She could leave and go see Reno but, judging from the time, there was a high chance he was teaching a class and she couldn't disturb him during one of those because she had nothing else to do.

Always was the option of finding another man to satisfy her but, she just wasn't in the mood to go out with the weather getting colder.

Cherry was scrubbing the floor with a mop so, cleaning was done as well and didn't leave Joy with any more options.

Letting out a sigh, she just headed into the back room to make a pot of tea.

Tags: axel incend, joy
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