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Belle (Disney's Beauty and the Beast)

♫ But if We Ever Get Lost on Our Way~

WHO: Belle [beautifulreader] & Open!
LOCATION: Staff Room
WEEK: 70
TIME: Friday, Late Evening, After Curfew
WHAT: It's raining out and Belle isn't at all tired, so she's checking out the books in the Staff Room.
RATING: IDEK, probably not higher than PG, PG-13 at the highest.

Belle winced slightly as the wind violently shook the rain splattered windows near by. Light shined through the stained glass covering of a few lamps, decorating the staff room with myriad colours. Red, blues, golds and so much more highlighting all it could touch.

Curfew had gone into effect for the students barely more than an hour ago, the library closing shortly prior so all would have ample time to get to their rooms. It had been a surprisingly slow day and, for once, the straightening and shelving hadn't of taken very long at all. Even her paperwork was all up to date, nothing needing a signature or without details. Everything was as it should be and she was off the clock, so to speak. With nothing to do, Belle had shelved her most recently finished book, locked up and made her way to her room. The day was over with, so logic dictated it was time to retire and relax.

Only once she reached the door did she realize, despite the lull of the rain, that she wasn't in the mood to retire or relax by herself in the least. Sitting alone in her room, reading a book, didn't have the same appeal as it usually did, at that moment. Neither did trekking back to the library in this weather. So, there she was, standing in front of her door, her mind wandering just what to do when she remembered briefly seeing the Staff Room those many weeks ago when she first came to Hogwarts. Weren't there books in there? One's she hadn't yet seen?

That was how Belle found herself within the Staff Room, for the first actual time, wind and rain rattling the lovely windows and a rather large, interesting looking book shelf. Immediately she made her way over to them, not even noticing if anyone else was in the room or not.

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