Inoue Orihime (halcyon_hime) wrote in squarewart_logs,
Inoue Orihime

Love is a swimming pool with no bottom~

WHO: Orihime Inoue, Open!
LOCATION: Various. Either at the Hidden Swimming Pool, or in corridors on the way there.
WEEK: 70
TIME: Friday afternoon specifically
WHAT: Remember Orihime searching for the Pool a while back? Well she and the searching group found it, so now it's time to enjoy it! Assume there's been an invitation extended over the journals.
Think of this as a party log, make your own threads etc etc. :3
RATING: PG? People in swimming attire

The stone was just a little chilly under Orihime's bare feet as she hurried down the corridor. She'd left her shoes back in her dorm, and, bikini-clad, all she had were her towel and a giant inflatable shark. But the Hidden Swimming Pool wasn't far away!

She could practically feel her skin tingle with excitement. Ever since they'd found the pool last week she'd been looking forward to having a swim in it. It was all so exciting! Hopefully her classmates would have seen her invitation and show up too!
Tags: botan wakahisa, dita liebely, kairi sable, lucy heartphilia, ❧demyx arpeggio, ❧ichigo.kurosaki, ❧orihime inoue
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