Headmaster Cid (hdmaster_cid) wrote in squarewart_logs,
Headmaster Cid

excitate vow e somno, liberi fatali

WEEK: 65
TIME: Early (12:15am onwards) Saturday morning through Sunday evening
RATING: Inferi, violence, shenanigans - It could get pretty high. M to be safe, for now.
We will be posting another giant event log for the recovery stuff, this is purely for stuff during the event!

Please note the Great Hall is off limits for logs!
And HERE is some mood music :|b

Hello Squarewartians! This is the all-purpose log for your eventing needs! Instead of flooding the comm with a bajillion logs, just post your threads here ♥

If you want any information on the inferi that you characters might encounter or what is okay for logging in this event, please look HERE!

For locations ideas around the school that you can use, please go HERE.

You characters can also venture onto the grounds, or maybe try to evacuate to the forest.
For information on what plants or creatures they might find in the forest or on the grounds, please go to Plant Almanac & the Bestiary. If you aren't sure, you can ask a mod any time.

There are also some locations deep within the forest that you can read about HERE.

REMEMBER, HAVE FUN! And feel free to contact the mods if you have any questions or concerns.
Tags: !event, !open, aerith gainsborough, agni arshad, alois trancy, alyss heart, asch grants, ashelia b'nargin dalmasca, ataru moroboshi, basch fon ronsenburg, bridget guisbourne, catty turner, ciel phantomhive, claude faustus, dita liebely, eagle vision, erza scarlet, fang yun, grell sutcliffe, harry dresden, hikaru shidou, hope estheim, jacen solo, jayne cobb, kadaj sorel, kairi sable, kaoru hitachiin, kyp durron, lightning farron, lucy heartphilia, luke fon fabre, oc - ambrosia sterling, oc - lilith dupond, ren honjo, reno flynn, revan mirabil, rinoa heartilly, ritsuka aoyagi, sakura haruno, sam winchester, sebastian michaelis, sei satou, serah farron, sieglinde baumgard, snow villiers, sylvanas windrunner, tenel ka chume ta' djo, thomas raith, vanille dia, washu kobayashi, xigbar strelka, yellow caballero, yoichi hiruma, yuiko hawatari, zak saturday, zekk peckhum, ❧alphonse elric, ❧chao lingshen, ❧elizabeth middleford, ❧galatea godeye, ❧gao meguro, ❧gazille redfox, ❧hikaru hitachiin, ❧integra hellsing, ❧jaina solo, ❧kazumi asakura, ❧konohamaru sarutobi, ❧leia organa solo, ❧leonard 'bones' mccoy, ❧luke skywalker, ❧lulu draupnir, ❧maylene o'nyhyn, ❧namine snow, ❧oc - dionysus drake, ❧orihime inoue, ❧setsuna meioh, ❧shalice tilman-sinclair, ❧xerxes break, ❧yu kanda
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