Xigbar (eye2sore) wrote in squarewart_logs,

I'm still a little crazy all the time

WHO: Xigbar Strelka and Hades Pantheon. Open for more staff maybe?
LOCATION: Staff room
WEEK: 54
TIME: Afternoon. Around tea time.
WHAT: A reunion where one person doesn't realize he knows the other.
RATING: pg-13 for Hades bad temper?

Getting used to his new surroundings wasn’t the hardest thing to do. Few hours later and he knew this school again backwards and upside down. More so upside down because walking through those hallways with all the kiddies weren’t as crowded when you were walking on the ceiling. Despite what he was telling everyone, or not telling as his case may be, Xigbar had been to this school before back when he was a kid. But those were long years ago.

Still, his memory of the place remained the same. The rooms, the classes, the people. Imagine Xigbar’s surprise to hear that his old roommate of those seven years was a teacher here as well. Wonder if the guy would recognize him....

As if.

So, taking a stroll around, he ended up where Cid had first brought him when he arrived. The staff room. Now that Xigbar considered it, something to drink did sound like a good idea right about now.

Tags: !open, xigbar strelka, ❧hades pantheon
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